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HeartOn A15 Defibrillator Features
HeartOn A15 Defibrillator

1. Cover
when opened the unit immediately switched on , saving time

2. Status Indicator
Unit Status , battery level status and temperature range status

3. Pre-connected Pads
Defibrillator pads are always ready for immediate use

4. Visual Icons
Indicator LED Lights flash with the corresponding voice prompt. Visual Icons clarify the necessary actions.

5. Shock Button
Flashing button indicates "Ready for shock delivery". Push the button to deliver shock.

6. Adult/Paediatric Mode Switch
Easily switch from adult to paediatric mode without changing pads

7. Open Switch
Slide the switch to the rightto open up the cover, unit automatically turns on

8. Speaker
Acoustic Indicator for real time guidance

Child CPR
Defibrillator child switch

Every second counts during a Cardiac Arrest. Having to change Adult Pads to Paediatric Pads wastes precious seconds, reducing survival rates. with the A15 the Adult to Paediatric switch allow you to defibrillate a Paediatric Patient at the flick of a switch giving your Patient the best chance of survival.

Defibrillator Visual Display

The HeartOn A15 AED actively displays "actual battery life. Many AEDs do not show the actual battery life in bards of your AED battery. This feature allows you to view the actual battery life and provides you with peace of mind. An "O" dispplayed on the LCD screen assures you that your AED is "okay" and Rescue Ready.

Color coded for instant right and left recognition. Images also guide the rescuer as to pad placement for Adult and Paediatric Patients. Paediatric pads can be very costly for AEDs as the energy reducer is built into the pads. Not for the HeartOn A15 however as these pads can be used on Paediatric Patients also.

Defibrillator Pads

Allows for instant downloading of Patient Data in the field

  • Semi-automatic operation(Adult/Paediatric)
  • Quick Start Power by opening the lid
  • Latest AHA guidelines
  • Battery Capacity 4.2Ah/15V(200 shocks or an incredible 10hrs monitoring)
  • Self-test POST(Power On Self Test), Periodic Testing (Daily , Weekly, Monthly), BIST (Battery Insertion Self Test)
  • Free review software
  • 24 hour Irish based support

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